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  • Winter what?

    Winter what?

    There was barely a Winter this year, but here’s a bunch of ice in Spring.. sure. Blame El Nino. Or, just humans wrecking the planet.

  • The “big” camera

    The “big” camera

    During “Covid Times” I retired my Pentax K-50 – which had an unfortunate aperture block failure. I even shipped it out for a fix which did not last – so sometime in Covid I made the hard decision of retiring it after only 6 years. Not enough to turn me off the brand – the…

  • Cooking here.. a bit of a joke

    Cooking here.. a bit of a joke

    April Fools is every day, in This Old House. The stove is a little too old to get replacement parts it seems.. so cooking on it is very much a matter of opinion. Fun times. Probably an easy appliance to replace, too – just can’t quite bring myself to tackle this job.

  • Potato


    Not much else to it. Ran the slow cooker on Easter and cooked a beef roast with some “baby gold” potatoes and carrots. No ham here (though I kinda crave it now)! Anyway, the potatoes were great, and tossed in the oven for a bit, even better.

  • Easter eve

    Easter eve

    And a greeting from the special guest!

  • Sushi night

    Sushi night

    Kids were away for a night – Kim and I got out for some amazing maki rolls.

  • One of these is chicken

    One of these is chicken

    Adventures in food continue! The fake chicken was actually decent. With some hot honey.

  • Tulips and some rain

    Tulips and some rain

    Interesting assortment of dew/rain/condensation on this morning.

  • Dillas


    A simple quesadilla is a common go-to meal around here. Trader Joes tortilla, some meat, cheese, maybe some beans – fry up on both sides and done. Ask Willy and half a tub of sour cream is also needed. And while you have the pan hot, and cheese handy..

  • It doesn’t just rain, lately

    It doesn’t just rain, lately

    Every rain event seems to pile up many inches of rain so far this year. Big event in March brought 6″ . . . can’t help but imagine that as snow!

  • Full Moon – somewhere up there.

    Full Moon – somewhere up there.

    So often your cell phone can cover for a real camera – as even seen here, I must be on a month long streak of mobile pics. There are still cases though, where a real camera is preferred. In this case, a better moon shot could have been had – though the impressive ‘night sight’…

  • Crusty Hyacinth

    Crusty Hyacinth

    A rather unimpressive winter is making a slow exit. Spring is emerging and ice is still falling. Note that this is 3/23 – as I post this on 4/5, there is still some wet snow floating around. None of it ever impressive.. just enough to be sloppy. Also cool from this day – looking up: