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  • Fluid Dynamics

    Fluid Dynamics

    A splash of cream in some iced coffee – always provides a moment of mesmerization. Another shot, still super neat. Not sure which one was first.

  • New Age Dining

    New Age Dining

    There’s a new chain up here. You serve yourself beer, and you order food on your phone to pickup at a counter. Its all very.. interesting. Think of the beer like pumping your own gas (foreign in NJ yes) – you pour and get charged by the ounce. And the one local here is in…

  • Carnival


    The annual Lion’s Club Fair presented classic rides and chances for Google to do some fun things with photos. Such as glue two shots from the ferris wheel together. And of course, some photographer fun.. like using the “long exposure” setting on an otherwise innocuous ride.

  • Bao!


    A rare double sleepover – away – allowed a meal out without.. opinions. There was some sushi, too:

  • Moving On

    Moving On

    Not quite a ‘graduation’ but the ‘moving on ceremony’ for the CT Douglas School happened 2 days before the last day of school. Don’t ask me why. It was followed by a grand ‘reception’ in one of the gyms, with some of the year’s projects on display. One of which was a massive catalog of…

  • End of an Era – Kinda

    End of an Era – Kinda

    Noah’s 6th grade year wrapped up with some non school days, so he celebrated .. in style? And heads off to junior high next school year. I still am perplexed at K-6 as a school but what do I know. Like why did I ask “why are you wearing all that?”..

  • The GALL!

    The GALL!

    Last year, I had an arborist out to visit to help understand what on Earth falls out of the mongo oak trees over the driveway. Every Spring and Summer for several years, the trees produce a never ending rain of.. crap. Sappy droplets that don’t wash off your windshield, and later, a steady rain of…

  • 6 Petals, 6 Legs

    6 Petals, 6 Legs

    There’s a small shrubby plant on the side yard that has these nice flowers in the late spring. I can never figure out quite what it is. I think based on this year’s research, it is a “mock orange”. I’m not confident though, as they are supposed to have 4 petals and these are 6.…

  • A day at the races

    A day at the races

    This Sunday was spent two ways. In the morning, Willy had soccer in the pouring rain – and they won! It was the 3rd of 4 games in one weekend. Here’s Willy pressuring the goalie. Afternoon, Noah had a swim qualifier at Regis College – which went on long enough that it was a beautiful…

  • Some textures and patterns

    Some textures and patterns

    First, rice sometimes leaves a mark – some kinda chemical somethingorother going on I guess? Next, the basketball hoop’s shadow. Kind of has a 3D effect.. Ok, there was more to the day than some artsy angles. Willy’s soccer season was wrapping up this weekend, and of late, an annual ritual has been a pool…

  • Fajita Night

    Fajita Night

    Minus the onions.. not FODMAP friendly!

  • Pillow Improvement

    Pillow Improvement

    Shoes were ok, but now she maybe found a better pillow.