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  • Comfy shoes

    Comfy shoes

    My Xero’s are great. But.. pillow worthy? Not that great.

  • The Strawberries

    The Strawberries

    After the first few berries were spotted, we added some protection, to keep them off the soil (assuming this would keep them from rotting / being consumed). Many strawberries were found as we placed the protective layers down – really a cool gardening project so far. Noah harvested a bunch, and we decided to grab…

  • Peony


    That’s it – just one large flower, before it flops or gets smashed with a basketball.

  • Mices


    Now and then, a day presents itself with a little free time. I’m not sure what inspired me to open this deck box – but a family of mice was discovered. I always have a soft spot for little mice. Not the big ugly ones, just these little guys. So the deck box was carefully…

  • Spider problem

    Spider problem

    I mean, a problem for spiders – not talking about an infestation or anything. Green Dust Days® make spider webs quite visible.

  • Looking up

    Looking up

    Sometimes the clouds are really mind twisting. Like, is this up or down, type of mind twisting. From the same day, more clouds.. here’s the photo I took: And here’s what Google thought it should look like:

  • World’s smallest pineapple?

    World’s smallest pineapple?

    Spotted on walk home from school.. does it belong to a Smurf? Nope, turns out its the remains of flowers that are up in pine trees, which are responsible for belching out that green dust. More info and visuals (than you ever needed) are here. Neat to see up close, but man do I hate…

  • Gardening feat!

    Gardening feat!

    Year 2 on the strawberry plants – real berries are growing!

  • The Jungle Book

    The Jungle Book

    A 6th grade tradition at the kids elementary school is a full class production of some classic play. They work on it for months, memorizing lines, songs, and building sets. They did a fantastic job, and guess who was the center of attention, Mowgli – the one and only Noah. Add acting to his list…

  • Free prize

    Free prize

    Not quite like getting a toy in your cereal box, but this came with the mulch delivery!

  • Louisville Slug-oh

    Louisville Slug-oh

    There’s really no reason for a slug to crawl on a baseball. None.

  • Why’d the turtle cross the road?

    Why’d the turtle cross the road?

    Dunno! We’re not really close to water so it made very little sense. I think its the first turtle I’ve seen at the house, ever. Further down the road though – monster snapping turtles are seen every spring. Like as big as a coffee table. Maybe this one’s just looking for a safer place to…