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  • Some textures and patterns

    Some textures and patterns

    First, rice sometimes leaves a mark – some kinda chemical somethingorother going on I guess? Next, the basketball hoop’s shadow. Kind of has a 3D effect.. Ok, there was more to the day than some artsy angles. Willy’s soccer season was wrapping up this weekend, and of late, an annual ritual has been a pool…

  • Mices


    Now and then, a day presents itself with a little free time. I’m not sure what inspired me to open this deck box – but a family of mice was discovered. I always have a soft spot for little mice. Not the big ugly ones, just these little guys. So the deck box was carefully…

  • Sunday Basketball Surprise

    Sunday Basketball Surprise

    Saturday night, as the boys were watching Globetrotters clips on Youtube, Kim thought, lets see when they are coming to town next. Turns out, the answer was the very next day! At the closest venue one could ask for (the DCU Center in Worcester for those keeping track). Possibly the best part of the game…