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  • Some textures and patterns

    Some textures and patterns

    First, rice sometimes leaves a mark – some kinda chemical somethingorother going on I guess? Next, the basketball hoop’s shadow. Kind of has a 3D effect.. Ok, there was more to the day than some artsy angles. Willy’s soccer season was wrapping up this weekend, and of late, an annual ritual has been a pool…

  • Day 8 – Outside

    Day 8 – Outside

    Outside? Nah.

  • Day 15 – Bare Feet

    Day 15 – Bare Feet

    Yup. I looked it up – its not illegal. Its just not recommended.. however, I find it to be a much more accurate and thus (in my head) safer way to drive.  Apparently the forces that be, feel that bare foot driving is dangerous because your shoes could get in the way and force you to lose control.

  • Day 20 – Getting Ready

    Day 20 – Getting Ready

    To take this Subaru to the MOON!