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  • Pillow Improvement

    Pillow Improvement

    Shoes were ok, but now she maybe found a better pillow.

  • Comfy shoes

    Comfy shoes

    My Xero’s are great. But.. pillow worthy? Not that great.

  • Imara’s World

    Imara’s World

    We’re all just playing a part in it. For instance, every meal she has is part bowl of food and then the “canine genius” with some treats. She’s no genius, we all know – but she does have something going on upstairs. Visible here in her refusal to get the treats out! Daily, she makes…

  • Dogs being.. not dogs

    Dogs being.. not dogs



    First, Imara using Kim’s leg as an arm rest, intently watching TV. Second, her beanbag, with a very dog-like impression in it..

  • Imara’s Way

    Imara’s Way

    She’s rescued. That’s really all I can think of as a reason for all her strange behaviors. This dog is always jammed into a corner or edge or tight spot of some sort.

  • Unfortunate discovery

    Unfortunate discovery

    A new and very ugly rust spot on the Explorer.. the door seal no longer has anything the clip into. Time is ticking. Imara’s not happy about it either:

  • How You Know

    How You Know

    Your dog was probably once a cow. She loves jamming her head into things that would otherwise resemble some kind of stockade or yoke or whatever it is you put a cow’s head into. Weird dog. And now for some food. Also from this day, zucchini fries. Slice, toss in oil, hit with some salt,…

  • De Derp

    De Derp

    Imara hanging out, waiting for soccer practice to wrap.

  • Pear flower

    Pear flower

    Writing this so I remember what these flowering trees are. PEAR tree! And, this dog. Always putting her noggin somewhere curious. Seems to like my new shoes.

  • Waiting for the bell

    Waiting for the bell

    As if she’s a student.. Imara waiting for school to end. Of course, her motives are different. The steady stream of kids who want to pet her is the drive here!

  • A happy place

    A happy place

    Even on a cloudy day – a beanbag by the storm door is THE place to be.

  • Doing it Wrong

    Doing it Wrong

    I got some new shoes. One might say they are very comfortable..