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  • The Jungle Book

    The Jungle Book

    A 6th grade tradition at the kids elementary school is a full class production of some classic play. They work on it for months, memorizing lines, songs, and building sets. They did a fantastic job, and guess who was the center of attention, Mowgli – the one and only Noah. Add acting to his list…

  • From the Boardwalk

    From the Boardwalk

    The kids’ new school is part of the “Boardwalk Campus”. We literally use a boardwalk to access it from the neighborhood. It looks nice, and provides some nice views over the water. On the downside, it has flooded a few times. It has even flooded AND frozen – beyond treacherous. Makes things a little difficult!

  • Day 25 – M is for

    Day 25 – M is for

    M is for “maple”. Pretty neat project going on at the local elementary school.