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  • Moving On

    Moving On

    Not quite a ‘graduation’ but the ‘moving on ceremony’ for the CT Douglas School happened 2 days before the last day of school. Don’t ask me why. It was followed by a grand ‘reception’ in one of the gyms, with some of the year’s projects on display. One of which was a massive catalog of…

  • The Jungle Book

    The Jungle Book

    A 6th grade tradition at the kids elementary school is a full class production of some classic play. They work on it for months, memorizing lines, songs, and building sets. They did a fantastic job, and guess who was the center of attention, Mowgli – the one and only Noah. Add acting to his list…

  • Mothers Day 2024

    Mothers Day 2024

    Sports never stop. Sunday 5/12 was Mother’s Day – but lacrosse didn’t care. Fortunately some very thoughtful parents on the team had a great idea, for the kiddos to hand out flowers after the game. Another case of better content vs my phone on 5/12 with Clean Cast Iron!

  • Woody!


    Well this reliance on my phone for photos leaves me only looking at Google Photos for each day. But there are days where I bring out my DSLR – those pics are in Smugmug and not Google Photos.. so I kinda forget. Anyway, here’s a better pick for May 11, over Bent Knife.

  • The big eclipse

    The big eclipse

    I tried to get the correct lens filter for the Pentax but Amazon did not come through. Boo. Fortunately there was a “smart phone” filter that came with the glasses I ordered – and it was juuuust big enough to cover my 300mm lens. So each shot required my right hand holding the camera, and…

  • Another View

    Another View

    The harbor side of Atlantis is, shockingly called Harborside. And yes, there are many parking spots for .. YACHTS. And normal yachts. We saw a variety of these monster ones, with TVs and house plants and branded electric bikes on the dock. So much money. So.. many.. whys? Could they park any closer? Do you…

  • Blue on Blue

    Blue on Blue

    The Caribbean water was always eye catching – even with clouds, the color always seemed to pop. And then it can REALLY pop with the man-made areas. Admittedly, the following image was “edited” by Google. This waterway is an inlet of real ocean water, but highly protected at the entrance. It flows to a very…

  • View from Floor 11

    View from Floor 11

    Fate sent us to the Bahamas for “February Vacation” (not to be confused with “April Vacation”) this year. What. A. Place. Our room was somewhere on the left – but who cares. Look at that building! So, architecture is stunning, as well as just overall resort/island atmosphere. Its all quite amazing, especially the amount of…

  • Up up in the air

    Up up in the air

    I haven’t flown since before that pandemic we had. Jetblue has made some slick upgrades to their seatback entertainment! And we landed somewhere nice.