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  • Springy Rainbow

    Springy Rainbow

    And to really emphasize the double rainbow here: I applied the “luminous” effect in Google Photos.

  • Bleeding Hearts

    Bleeding Hearts

    What a dramatic flower name – but it does describe them pretty well.

  • Fancy Tulip

    Fancy Tulip

    Not much more to say, just a unique tulip in the mix.

  • The magic of editing

    The magic of editing

    Google Photos has a neat feature, where once in a while it chooses some of your uploads to “stylize” and really spice them up with after-effects. If you look at the result on its own, you might think “wow, that was a great picture!”, though compared to the actual shot, you’ll take that right back.…

  • Squirrel Crimes

    Squirrel Crimes

    Spring is absurdly tense lately, having planted a pile of tulip bulbs in the front beds. Thinking it would be a nice sight for passerby’s, the flowers have become a bit of an obsession. Not because I’m that avid of a gardener.. but because the SQUIRRELS have taken a liking to ripping the flowers off…

  • Daffodil Days

    Daffodil Days

    It’s been a wet Spring – some sun was out this day. The daffodils were happy! OK the ones down below were not as happy – the wind was crazy, and turning them all in the wrong direction. Note – these were not my flowers – they are planted at a local church.

  • Andromeda


    Nope, not the galaxy. Just the shrub – having a stellar bloom this year. Last year, there was a brutal freeze that froze all the flower buds, and spring never seemed to arrive without these. Admittedly the photo above is a “stylized” photo from Google. The original is: And since there’s a galaxy that shares…

  • Winter Shows Up

    Winter Shows Up

    And the flowers are not pleased. Because Winter already ended! Silly Winter. We could have used much more of this stuff for the last few months. Not in April. Go home, Winter!

  • Winter what?

    Winter what?

    There was barely a Winter this year, but here’s a bunch of ice in Spring.. sure. Blame El Nino. Or, just humans wrecking the planet.

  • Tulips and some rain

    Tulips and some rain

    Interesting assortment of dew/rain/condensation on this morning.

  • Crusty Hyacinth

    Crusty Hyacinth

    A rather unimpressive winter is making a slow exit. Spring is emerging and ice is still falling. Note that this is 3/23 – as I post this on 4/5, there is still some wet snow floating around. None of it ever impressive.. just enough to be sloppy. Also cool from this day – looking up:

  • The first forsythia

    The first forsythia

    Well, back on 3/20 it was. As you read this they are popping open all over the place.