Squirrel Crimes

Spring is absurdly tense lately, having planted a pile of tulip bulbs in the front beds. Thinking it would be a nice sight for passerby’s, the flowers have become a bit of an obsession. Not because I’m that avid of a gardener.. but because the SQUIRRELS have taken a liking to ripping the flowers off the stem. Not eating them, just wrecking them. Some days, its one, some days, its many more. Evil rodents!

I lost the battle last year. This year, I’ve dumped red pepper flakes all over the area – but still lost some flowers, seen here. Finally moved on to the REPELS ALL spray. Really contrasts the nice spring smells, but it has effectively kept the squirrels away.

Unfortunately, it seems to rain DAILY, so application is always a race against.. evil.


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