The “big” camera

During “Covid Times” I retired my Pentax K-50 – which had an unfortunate aperture block failure. I even shipped it out for a fix which did not last – so sometime in Covid I made the hard decision of retiring it after only 6 years.

Not enough to turn me off the brand – the very cool KP was calling my name — mainly because sticking with Pentax meant I could keep all my lenses. Already a couple years old and void of the issues of the previous K’s .. I could not resist the classic silver finish and all those dials and knobs.

Through all these times, phones got that much better, and I admit I reach for the DSLR less and less. So when it comes out.. its “the BIG camera”. Mainly because I lean on it for the telephoto primarily. Technically its a very compact camera, so it is really not very big. Kinda funny.


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