Buzzing Yellow Jacket

It is actually a sad and mysterious story.

I found this guy on a cutting board where I had been slicing a lime. It was acting sluggish and a little loopy – so easily trapped. I much prefer to catch and release things I find in the house – stinging things included. This guy was released on the patio (on my grill cover) for observation.

It continued to act drunk for a while – something I’ve read about – where bees and wasps actually do act drunk after eating certain foods. Being very docile (not common for such a bug) I grabbed the tripod and turned the big lens to ‘macro’. Got some great close ups of the “drunk” visitor, who was very aware of my camera, but too loopy to attack.  Sadly, my very compliant subject curled up and died shortly after I left. The drunken-ness was apparently suffering, which is sad.

The mystery – was it fatal drunken-ness? was it sick already?  or.. is there pesticide all over my limes?


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