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  • New Age Dining

    New Age Dining

    There’s a new chain up here. You serve yourself beer, and you order food on your phone to pickup at a counter. Its all very.. interesting. Think of the beer like pumping your own gas (foreign in NJ yes) – you pour and get charged by the ounce. And the one local here is in…

  • Slice time

    Slice time

    There is a distinct pleasure in running veggies through a mandolin. The speed, ease, and perfect cuts.. really neat. And treading that fine line of “too close” to “that was part of my finger” adds a little thrill! No fingers were sacrificed in this round.. I don’t think. The rest of this meal – Honestly…

  • Dillas


    A simple quesadilla is a common go-to meal around here. Trader Joes tortilla, some meat, cheese, maybe some beans – fry up on both sides and done. Ask Willy and half a tub of sour cream is also needed. And while you have the pan hot, and cheese handy..

  • Not pictured – cheese

    Not pictured – cheese

    Having a delicacy like Taylor Ham available at 2 of the grocery stores I visit (I visit quite a few, I won’t lie!) makes weekends salty in a great way. THE&C never gets the stink eye! This batch was distributed on Bays English Muffins, with some sliced cheddar and Sriracha. Kim’s was served with another…

  • Meatloaf and Potatoes .. twice baked

    Meatloaf and Potatoes .. twice baked

    Yesterday’s post about the loaf had some potatoes baking as well. The little gourmands here absolutely love twice baked potatoes – pretty sure something I first encountered working at the Marcum Conference Center in college. Anyway, take those cooked baked potatoes, scrape them out, mash with cheese and whatever else you want – jam back…

  • Meatloaf, Feetloaf

    Meatloaf, Feetloaf

    When you are making meatloaf but realize it won’t be done in time for those who NEED dinner.. you could make a smaller loaf, or use a muffin tin for tiny muffin-loaf things, or make meatballs. But lately I’ve enjoyed making.. FEETLOAF. They cook fast, and make things a little more interesting. Shape some loaf-mix…

  • JUST egg.. part deux!

    JUST egg.. part deux!

    As noted in JUST Egg. But not.. fake eggs are not quite right. After mediocre enjoyment, I explored the JUST brand a bit further – and tried these frozen egg ‘folds’ next. How do ya cook it, you ask? In the toaster. Like toast. Except yeah, its mung bean egg substance. It cooks in the…

  • Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Sammy

    Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Sammy

    With 6yr aged cheddar. Easy job – threw 4lb pork shoulder into slow cooker with ketchup, mustard, cider vinegar, tomato sauce and a bunch of spices – and for a twist – liquid smoke! 7hrs later.. yum. Not as good as smoking it but still a winner.

  • Day 11- something something taco

    Day 11- something something taco

    Mega taco at the Salt Lick Taco Bar, Austin Bergstrom Airport.

  • Day 18 – Food – meaty.

    Day 18 – Food – meaty.

    I think this is some Chimichurri steak from Trader Joes. Sometimes the broiler works as well as the grill.

  • Day 1 – Choice

    Day 1 – Choice

    A cast iron pizza to welcome October.

  • Day 14 – Food

    Day 14 – Food



    Food. My favorite of all time, perhaps – (Americanized) Chinese food. WOOT! A great Feb 14 in my book.