Day 4 – Signs – that you live in Mass

Beef. Sirloin. Tips.

This cut of meat DOES NOT EXIST. But there it is. Invented and wildly consumed, only in this great state of Massachusetts.

SPOILER ALERT: “Sirloin tips”, designed to mimic true “steak tips” (still mysterious, but actual trimmings from an actual filet), are nothing more than a fatty sirloin cut into strips.

People love them because you have to marinate the hell out of them, so they tenderize and get very flavorful – and the more surface area, the more “marinade” flavor.

Buzzkill, yes. Don’t get me started on TURKEY TIPS.

Lastly, I fail to see the appeal of┬áMarket Basket. But, then again, I fail to see the appeal of tips. I’m just not from here.

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